Update January 5, 2016. She has been sold. Thanks very much for looking!


For sale, a 1993 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 convertible with performance modifications.

74,400 original miles on the vehicle, ~7500 miles on the engine/mods.

This is not a track vehicle. It has never been raced.

The car is registered in California and passes Los Angeles County smog checks with flying colors. A CARFAX report and a NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) report are available for the asking. The car has a rebuilt title.

More photos and videos:

Interior photos:

Photos of the shock towers and front underside:






  • Red with Black Top (top is new and has zip-down glass back window)
  • Interior: Black leather, black carpet, black dash and wheel
  • Black Tonneau Cover for top down driving
  • Color:  Performance Red (Color code EY) According to what I have read, only 197 of this model/year were produced in this color.
  • District Sales Office (where originally ordered): Los Angeles
  • Body in Excellent Condition
  • Alpine Stereo
  • Car Cover
  • Goodyear Eagle GT p275/40r17  tires


Engine/performance specs and conversion details

  • 7500 Miles on New Factory Purchased Motorsport M-6007-XE3 Long Block Engine
  • Factory Rated at 345 HP
  • Balanced by Chicane Sport Tuning (by the late Joe Gosinski)
  • Motorsport E303 Cam
  • 30 PSI Injectors
  • Accufab 70 MM Throttle Body
  • Ford Lightning 80MM Mass Air
  • Ceramic Coated Hooker Headers
  • Dyno Tuned Superchip (300 Ft-Lbs Torque at Rear Wheels)
  • 3.55 Motorsport Gears
  • New Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
  • Steeda Short Shifter
  • Global West Subframe Connectors
  • Bilstein / Hypercoil Coil Over Conversion Kit
  • 2003 SVT Cobra Wheel and Tire Package
  • Ford 2300 K 5 Lug Cobra Brake Conversion Kit
  • Have invoices and receipts for all work
  • New battery as of Oct 2014
  • A/C serviced and blows very cold





Story of the Car

And here is a short (or not so short) story about how this beauty came to be, written by the vehicle owner (my brother).

My love for Mustangs began in 1977 when I was 17 and bought my first car, a 1965 Fastback.  It was only a six cylinder, but I loved the car so much that I kept and drove it for 22 years.  My goal was always to put a 289 or 302 into it and turn it into the street rod that I’d always dreamed of.  You know, headers, cam, loud badass exhaust, T-10 tranny with Hurst Comp-Plus shifter,  gears etc.  However, even though I finally did put a 302 into it, there was just so much work to do on the car to get it where I wanted it that I finally had to evaluate the cost of fully rebuilding it versus getting a newer model Mustang.  I’d never liked the newer Mustang styles, except for the 93 Fox body and that is what I decided to get as a platform from which to build my dream car.  As I was starting fresh, I decided to go all-out and get a red  GT convertible.  So I sold my ’65 and started looking.

After an exhaustive search, aided hugely by my sister who is also an avid Mustang and street rod lover, I found the exact car I was looking for.  Red ’93 GT Convert, the last year with the Fox body.  It already had the 5.0 motor and 5 speed tranny and was in excellent shape.  I drove it for a few years and finally found the excuse I needed to go for broke and build my dream car.


One very hot day my wife was driving the car on the freeway with the Alpine blasting at such a volume that she could not hear the engine, nor did she notice the warning lights indicating it was overheating.  Somehow the radiator cap had not been put back on properly at the last service, so it ran dry and the engine burned.  She felt awful of course, but when she told me about it, all that was going through my mind was “Motorsport SVO Racing engine!”   I had a friend who had good connections with Ford SVO and got me a great deal on brand new 5.0 racing motor.

I then had the good fortune to meet and hook up with the late Joe Gosinski, the man who ran (and was) Chicane Sport Tuning in Torrance, California.  Anyone who knew Joe knew what a terrific guy he was and what a consummate professional he was when it came to Mustangs.  Joe virtually “adopted” my car and it sort of became our joint personal project to turn it into the car I’d always wanted.   Joe scripted and built the car for me, from the 30lb injectors, the increased mass-air flow system, the K&N air filter and ceramic headers, to the electronic ignition system and  supertuned performance chip.  I’d always wanted a “balanced and blueprinted” engine, ever since a time in the 70s when I’d had the opportunity to ride in a 455 CID Super-duty Trans Am that had a balanced and blueprinted engine.

So Joe took my brand new engine from the crate and had it fully  balanced and re-assembled before he installed it.  I’d also always wanted to have a car that had enough “cam” in it to have at least a little bit of that “big block” lope, shake and sound, as well as the added performance, of course.  So Joe spec’d out a particular  cam for my car (called an “RV” cam) that, while not too radical, was designed to increase low end torque, important for a small block.  Then of course we had to handle the shift linkage, so in went a short-throw competition linkage, and of course that demanded a racing clutch…  I thought the car was great, but Joe was still not happy with it.  He said we needed to do something about the miserable mid-body sag and poor handling that was part and parcel of the heavier frame of the convertibles.  So off we went into the frame stiffeners, and cross braces and adjustable coil over springs.  But then, of course, he said we needed to get the damn thing on the ground and get some tires and wheels on it that would not just fold over when you went around a corner.  So on went the new 17 inch rims and new low-pro meats.

By then the car was pretty sweet and really handled well, especially for a convertible. But I was still not totally happy with the amount of get-up and go it had.  So we dropped in a 3:55 rear end and THAT turned my Stang into the car I had always wanted.  But Joe then voiced another concern.  He said now that we had achieved the kind of “GO” that I wanted, we really had to deal with the “STOP” so that it was commensurate.  He felt it was a dangerous combo, having a heavier framed car that handled flat, cornered like a bomb and was very quick, but which had inadequate brakes (8” front discs, drum rears).  So, on went brand new 10” stainless discs all around and that finished her off.  So, nearly 3 decades and $35k later, I finally had the dream car I had always wanted.


But then, something unbelievable happened.  In 2005 I became the owner of a brand new 2005 GT Mustang Fastback (Red on Red with Shelby mags)  which I received as an unexpected gift.  I had read about the 2005 before it came out and it seemed to embody just about everything I had ever wanted in a Mustang, including my original love of the first car I’d ever owned, my ’65 FB.  Since I got the 2005, I’ve hardly driven the 93 at all, but it has taken me this long to finally get to the point of being willing to sell it.  I certainly don’t need two cars and I admit I rapidly became won over by the many creature comforts and improvements offered by the 2005.  So that is my “Mustang Story” and I hope that as a fellow (or potential)  Mustang enthusiast, you have enjoyed reading this.   My ’93 GT Convert is absolutely sweet and I like to think that Joe is still watching over it.




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